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This makes it unsuitable for detecting on wet saltwater sand, but for most environments it does a good job. There are also a range of features, including adjustable sensitivity, notch, and adjustable discrimination settings. It has a 7.69kHz operating frequency, which makes it great for coins and relics, but less suitable for gold. Like all the models on this list, the Digitek is a VLF detector. While the other models in this section are entry-level detectors for all ages, the Teknetics Digitek is specifically aimed at teenagers and “tweens.” It still has many of the features you would expect from more expensive models, yet is available for an affordable price and has a lightweight design.

This device can be used for collecting coins and basic coin shooting. The device just as many other BH models, comes without the two 9v batteries it needs so purchasing them in advance is advisable. It also has a 2-in-1 magnifier for close inspection of treasure and a trowel for digging which has a pouch. It has 2 search modes and works at a transmitted frequency of 6.6 kHz. It is also pretty light to accommodate use for prolonged hours and also for the child to be able to work around with it.

You buying KingDetector Junior Basic Metal Detector for Children Blue means that you will have features about it thus enabling you to get the quality, that you would need during your purchase as you decide on the best metal detector for kids existing in the market. This Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector has a target indicator meter that measures signal strength as well as the si,gnal increases in terms of volume as its target gets closer.

The second Bounty Hunter Metal Detector to enter my list, this outstanding device gives your child the ability to search for discoveries whenever and wherever they like, and has all the features they need to enjoy the best experience possible. When it comes to accuracy, the Bounty Hunter Metal Detector is capable of detecting coin-sized metals up to an incredible 6 inches under the ground, ideal for chil,dren to discover all kinds of items. It has an 8-inch search coil as standard which is fully submersible and waterproof, perfect for beach metal detecting or shallow streams. If your child has never mentioned detecting and treasure hunting then it’s probably best to opt for a cheaper metal detector until you know they enjoy it. Whether it be treasure hunting in the back garden, a day trip to the beach or something more serious there is no doubt in my mind that the majority of children will absolutely love to play with a metal detector.

Most of the time, it is going to be trash that’s gonna end up as your catch. Keep an eye out during your detecting works in public areas also. You should always carry the right equipment with you depending on the type of detecting you are doing. For each type of hunting, you need specific tools to dig up.

Whether you’re a metal-detecting expert or novice, we keep it simple. And, by the way, my 7 year old son Juanito found a nickel yesterday when he took his detector out for the first time! Garrett has a longstanding quality relationship with Detector Electronics Corp since the 1980s. Enjoy, take snacks, and if pickings are thin on the ground for younger children consider secretly burying a few coins to spark their interest.

What sets the Bounty Hunter Junior apart from the competition is the build quality and the sensitivity and discrimination dial. Bounty Hunter metal detectors are well known and just because it is designed for kids doesn’t mean it is made poorly.

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A very lightweight machine may not have a whole lot of bells and whistles but it can be easier to carry for longer periods of time. While you can certainly let toddlers try to use other detectors, it’s very likely they may not quite be tall enough nor would they really have the attention span to search any area for long enough of a time to find something. This is a toy truck that also metal ,detects and could be a lot of fun for younger kids to explore with in their own backyard, sandbox, or even at the beach. Still, with many features such as built-in ground balance and discrimination settings and coming from a trusted manufacturer, the Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV is an excellent choice for most beginners. Discrimination Mode: This detector offers 3 simple settings: All Metal, Pinpoint, and Discrimination Mode.

Or get them to help with digging up the treasure and refilling holes. If you’re heading out into the bush, your shoes should be sturdy enough to give you good traction on uneven ground, just like a decent pair of hiking boots or trail runners.

This is certainly one metal detector that can go anywhere you do because it folds up into a compact form. It has a waterproof large coil of ten inches, and the entire mechanism weighs just two pounds and folds to only 22 inches. Larger items in the ground up to three feet https://metaldetectorshub.com/kids-metal-detectors/ and small things as far as five inches can be discovered with this fabulous device. The signal volume of this terrific detector enhances as the device closes in on the target and features discrimination control that avoids unwanted things and iron that are not the target.

We would not have been as successful at the beach without it, that’s for sure! Turn it on, swing it evenly just off of the ground around where you are looking, and wait for the beeps! To this day he still goes outside on our property and the creek down the road and goes on treasure hunts. Our experts will be happy to answer anything you have to ask to ensure you are happy with your purchase for a long time to come. It also is length adjustable meaning it can be shortened easily to suite your childs height.

If you choose to set it up for your child, all they then have to do is simply move the metal detector over the ground. If you’re set on beach hunting, then check out one of the other detectors that have a waterproof search coil. The BHJS Junior Metal Detector is a superb starter metal detector for kids who want to try out metal detecting. Waterproof – you’ll want the search coil to be waterproof in case of accidents and it opens your family up to beach hunting.