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AIG Factory uses stat of the art of metal fabrication techniques of designing , manufacturing . installing & commissioning of HVAC Engineering system.

Metal dects are regulated with temperature and humidity, as well as fresh air from outdoors

At AIG Factory, We meet client objective at every single phase of Requirements, our knowledge of heating and cooling system means that the duct products we recommend & manufacture often exeed their expactations. Standardize specification is key to appropriate design.

Using AUTO DESK packages, our design engineers did accurate designing of duct HVAC distribution system to ensure appropriate airflow and Differantial pressure balance..

AIG Factory combine advanced HVAC design with the highest manufacturing & installation standard. The result? high performance integrated commercial heating and cooling air distribution solutions that are systematically efficient, reliable and cost effective.

AIG ensure quality of the highest standards we have taken sveral measures.Stat of the art Numerical control DUCT fabricating machines.

The best available raw from reputable manufacturer with strict material receiving and inventory procedures.!uality assurance and control measuring at every stage of the manufacturing conforming to international procedures and stadards.Highly experienced engineers leads skilled technicians and fabricators.Strict compilancewith health.safety and environmental standard